How This Booking Form Works:

Once you have filled in your details and decided what treatments you would like to book, you will be able to see the available times. At this stage you will only be able to book one treatment at a time so if you would like multiple treatments, just return to this form and make another booking. Once you have booked an appointment on this system, your booking is considered confirmed and you will be expected to arrive at the allotted time. You are not required to use this form, if you would prefer personal contact, please send an email or text for us to book it for you.

Please note: The comments section on this scheduler doesn’t function as expected and as such, we do not receive comments. If you have any additional requests with regards to your appointment, please send an email or text to confirm that your therapist has the necessary information.

If you don’t see a time that suits you, feel free to contact us and request that time. We want to see you and try our best to accommodate wherever possible.

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