Facials & Skin Treatments



DermaPlaning Treatment Facial – This exfoliating, skin shaving technique is professionally done to leave your skin glowing and looking younger. R680.00

   Body Treatments


Decolette & Breast Treatment – Treat sun damage, dull skin, ageing, blackheads around bra lines, cleavage wrinkles, skin sagging and pigmentation. R550.00
Bikini Line & Brazilian Treatment – Do you shave, use depilatory cream, wax? Do you suffer from ingrown hairs or pigmentation of the nether regions? This skin treatment can be used between hair removals to treat these issues. R320


   RegimA Skin Treatments


RégimA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment – Combining the strength of a RegimA Power Peel with the collagen stimulation and lifting of the BT Nano Non-Surgical Face Lifting Machine, you will be glowing in no time! R680.00
RégimA 30% Power Peel Treatment This natural skin peeling treatment uses plant acids formulated to stimulate collagen production, firm the skin, treat pigmentation and smooth away scarring. R520.00

RegimA 50% Power Peel Treatment A treatment for the more advanced RegimA users. This treatment has all the wonderful benefits of the 30% Power Peel, but packs a little more punch.



30% Power Package This package is for beginners looking to start off their skin care journey. It includes 6 x 30% Power Peel Treatments.

50% Power Pacakge You love RegimA, you use it at home, and you want to embark on a 12 week skin boosting journey! This is the package for you. This package includes 6 x 50% Power Peel treatments. R2970.00

Non-Surgical Face Lifting Package You’ve got an event or a holiday coming up and you want to look your absolute best without looking like you’ve had “something done”. This six week face-lift package is for you. Every week your skin will be treated to hydrating, lifting and pampering that will leave you glowing and keeping them guessing.

Double Whammy Acne Treatment This fast working treatments combines the power of the 50% Peel with Acne-Attack Pro-Masque to smooth and clear your skin in double quick time.

Double Whammy Package Six treatments delivered over 12 weeks to transform your skin from inflammed, red, and uneven to calm, more even and healthier looking.







RegimA Facials


RégimA is the most advanced, medically accepted, skin care programme created to attack the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with modern living.
RégimA Hydrating Spa Treatment Specialised facial to provide maximum hydration, suppleness and elasticity. R440.00
RégimA Problem Skin Treatment Deep Cleansing facial to remove excess oils and toxins, relieving problematic and inflamed skin. R490.00
Teen Facial  R410.00
Professional Skin Consultation  All these treatment sound amazing don’t they? But most people who are new to facial treatments don’t know which would be better for them. That’s where the facial consultation comes in. Just hop on over to the online booking for and book yourself a “General Consultation”. It’s free of charge and you will receive a professional skin analysis along with a RegimA product and treatment recommendation. What are you waiting for?