By now I’m sure you know that many many places in the world are in some form of lock down or at least practicing social distancing, so I am unable to do any traditional treatment specials. I do have a few things I can assist you with virtually, so I have listed them below. As always, you are welcome to call, email or whatsapp if you have any questions or special requests.

I am not leaving you entirely in the lurch, as I have built an online store with most of my retail offerings and this will be growing as products become available in the industry.

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Virtual Treatments 

These treatments can be booked with me on my online diary as you have always booked. Once I see that a treatment has been booked, I will send out the Zoom meeting information/ arrange the Whatsapp Video call. This could be a fun new way to engage so I’m really looking forward to doing these sessions.

Virtual Skin Consultation: This could be your very first skin consultation in which I assess your skin and recommend products and a treatment plan for you, or it could be an adaptation of the skin treatments that we have been doing for you over the years. – R150

Virtual Waxing Consultation: Don’t laugh, this is really working for many of my clients. We, as waxing professionals, can be quite fastidious about the products that we use and the technique in which we use them. So, having helped so many of you get into a good waxing routine, I would prefer not to let a little thing like a global pandemic get in with way of your delicately balanced hair growth cycles. For this consultation to work, you first need to hop on over to my online shop and order for yourself the fabulous Wax Me Lovely Home Waxing Kit. Once you have done this, go ahead and book your appointment. I will coach you on the correct consistency of the wax, the correct application and removal process so that you can avoid nasty mishaps. – R150

Virtual Makeup Lesson: This is an adaptation of a lesson I have already taken many times. I have my kit at the ready, you have yours, and I teach. Usually I would apply the desired look to half of your face and let you match it. We are going to have to be a little more clever about this method. Don’t worry, I have just the thing! Book your session to find out. – R300

Virtual Nail Art: Coming soon! This is sure to be an absolute hoot! Too bad we can’t pour ourselves a glass of wine and enjoy.

Virtual Routine Grooming: Coming soon! To include a group of small grooming practices that many of you have added on during the time that you have been coming to me.

Midweek Specials


Different Mid-Week Specials Every Week! 

Enquire in Store or call us to make a booking.