LCN Nails in Rose Quartz

A lot of my clients ask me why I choose the products that I do. Especially the nail and facial clients. So let me start by borrowing a few words from the LCN nails page. They have a wonderful write up about why we should choose LCN:

It’s a healthy choice:

“Reduced risk of forming allergies with LCN light curing products. Clients often develop an allergy to the Monomers, Primers and Acids after many years of use.

LCN light curing products do not use Acetone, solvents or Acids. LCN does not test products on animals in any way and conforms to EC Cosmetic Regulation No 1223/2009 which prohibits the testing of cosmetic products on animals in Germany and the European Union.”

These truly are superior light curing products:

“Continued research and development and product improvements ensure the highest level of bio-compatibility and lowest heat build-up during the curing process.

LCN light curing products are highly durable, flexible to mimic the properties of the natural nail, they do not yellow under UV and sunlight.”

I can really give you the finish that you need for your nails:

” LCN light curing products allow you to offer services according to your preferences, and customized to the specific needs of your clients. Clients with dry, brittle, weak, damaged nails and those with healthy normal nails all have different requirements for the types of products most suited to them. The LCN light curing product range allows you to create results that are tailored to your clients’ needs and achieve optimal results.”

They do provide a number of other fantastic reasons why we should all be using their nail systems. If you’d like the full run down, please head on over to and click on the link for Why LCN.

As far as why I choose them, there are many reasons, some of which as listed above, some I will explain now. They have beautiful vibrant colours! So much so that clients, on occasion, have had a tough time choosing. Their products are hard wearing and can stand up to a little bit of bashing about. Although I still recommend that you treat your nails like the tiny, shiny princesses that they are. Just because you can bash them, doesn’t mean you should. LCN also offers a really great training program and support for me if there is ever that one naughty nail that doesn’t behave like the others. Their LCN High Shine Sealer is my fav product and gives the prettiest glossy finish that’ll have people admiring your nails all month long. Do remember to look at the road while driving though, I and LCN will not be held responsible for any accidents caused while admiring the fabulousness that graces your finger tips!