Winter is at it’s peak…Almost

When asked if I prefer winter or summer, I choose winter! I just love it! All the boots, coats, scarves, winter pajamas and dressing gowns, fluffy blankets, evenings spent by the fire. Winter also allows for endless snuggling without overheating, pastas, soups, hot chocolates. What’s not to love right?

There are a few things to consider doing in winter that are also better than summer. For instance, if you’ve fallen into the habit of shaving and you can’t seem to change over to waxing because of the unsightly regrowth, winter is the time for this. Your hair cycle takes a few months to adjust to waxing so winter is a great time to start since you can hide the evidence under your fabulous fashion.

It’s also a great time to sort out facial pigmentation. With very few people hanging out in the sun, there’s little risk of adding to solar pigmentation. I use RegimA power peels for this treatment as I’ve found it to be an extremely effective solution. The home care is affordable and I can customize your packages to suit your individual needs. Winter is also terrible for dehydration and this treatment has so many benefits that you’ll be sorted on that issue as well.

I do very few pedicure treatments in the winter because quite obviously, most ladies little piggies are hiding inside a few layers of socks and warm boots. I still enjoy a good soak in the foot spa, a heel scrub, massage and a paraffin treatment to keep the feet in tip top shape. This helps to rid the feet of dead skin cells and nasty build up of skin on the heels while promoting good winter circulation and moisturizing the skin.

I hope this post has helped you find some inspiration for pampering through the winter months. If not, never fear, the winter solstice is nearly here. Wednesday the 21st June. Then we’ll all start warming up again.