Naked Cherry – Home Wax Kit

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This Aroma Waxing Home kit includes all the essentials for home waxing:

  • Gel Cleanser (to clean the skin pre-wax and prevent those nasty germs from entering your pores)
  • Prep Oil (just a drop to ready your skin for waxing)
  • Spatulas (To spread the wax onto your skin with)
  • Muffins of wax (These are adorable little shapes that you are going to melt)
  • Skin Conditioner (This is to make your skin feel all better after you’ve finished waxing)
  • A professional consultation with an internationally qualified professional to guide you through the process (Via Zoom or Whatsapp)

Not included in this kit, but highly recommended is our Ingrown Terminator. A potent little spray that helps to eliminate the nasty germs that can exacerbate an ingrown hair. It’s also soothing and exfoliating to keep your waxed area in prime condition.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm