Naked Cherry – Morning Glory Body Wash – 250ml

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This Skin Cleaner is the perfect pre and post depilatory (thats hair removal to you and me) maintenance wash. This light foaming tonic containing soothing Camphor, deeply exfoliating Salycylic Acid and anti-bacterial Tea Tree is the the perfect treat to get you up and ready for the day while keeping all of your smooth areas beautiful and smooth.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil: Anti-Microbial
Camphor: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Soothing
Shea Butter: Moisturising, Conditioning
Salicylic Acid: Anti-Inflammatory, Bacteriostatic, Exfoliating

Directions for use: Use as your normal daily body wash on depilated areas

Currently Available:
Morning Glory Skin Cleaner – Lemongrass Scent with Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Action

Aromatherapy Notes: Revitalizing and Boosts Energy