Am I the only one waking up later and later as the winter approaches? Staying in bed and forming a good trust relationship with our duvets is very important. Looking our best is also important. What’s a girl to do?

I’m sure you’ve heard some of this advice before, but some of it is just pure genius in my unbiased opinion.

  • Always check the weather forecast and plan your outfits the night before. That’ll save you at least thirty minutes of changing outfits and complaining that you have no clothes.
  • Pack a healthy lunch and snack for work so you don’t land up giving in to the chips calling your name from the vending machine. Remember that summer bodies are made in winter.
  • Wash and blow dry your hair at night. Depending on your style, sleeping on a satin pillow case will minimize bumps and frizz so you’ll have less work to do in the morning.
  • With RegimA’s simple skin routine, five minutes at the basin will have your skin looking radiant every day.  While I’m on the topic, don’t forget to come through and have your skin reassessed as the season’s change. A small adjustment in your routine can make all the difference between dry flaky skin and hydrated luminous skin.
  • We’ve got your wardrobe, hair, skin and food requirements sorted, all that’s left is the makeup. I’m in the process of trying out my winter makeup plan and I’m loving it! The process is simple, wake up with your makeup on! We offer permanent makeup from eyebrows to eyeliner and even lips. Once you have your lines beautifully etched, the remaining step is lashes! Eyelash enhancements are no longer new to the beauty industry, but their benefits have had clients and therapists alike excited from the beginning. Not only do they create a gorgeous doe eyed look, but they stay like that for weeks! Day and night.

That’s my brilliant plan in a nutshell, and it works beautifully for me.